A Letter to Our Parents: The Importance of Consistency In Your Karate Kid’s Summer Schedule

Dear BMA Parents,

Summer Break is fast approaching, and as students get excited for family trips, sunny days and memory making, parents might be wondering how to keep their child engaged and progressing during this long break from school. 

A great way to achieve this is by keeping your child consistent in karate classes over the summer. Karate provides numerous benefits to children, including physical fitness, mental discipline, and lessons on focus and confidence. Regular karate training can help your child maintain their gains in these areas and keep them consistent in their schedules during the Summer Break.

Additionally, our team of instructors, Leadership Team / STORM Team members, and black belts are excellent role models, and having strong leaders to look up to is vital for children at any age!

Let’s quickly dive into the benefits of consistent attendance in martial arts over Summer Break:

Physical Fitness 💪

Karate is a great way to keep your child physically active over the summer. Through our SKILLZ curriculum that focuses on the age-based physical development of children, students are able to receive a full-body workout that improves flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination. These skills are essential for kids as they develop through their various growth spurts and changes, and regular karate practice can help them maintain these skills during the Summer Break.

Mental Discipline and Focus 🧠

As parents know, karate is not just about punching and kicking; it also teaches mental discipline, perseverance and focus. Students who practice karate learn to concentrate on their movements and stay focused on their goals. This discipline and focus will translate to other areas of their life, such as academics and extracurricular activities.

Confidence 👊

Karate training can also help build self-confidence in children. As they learn new skills and techniques, they become more confident in their abilities. This foundation of confidence is vital as students take on new and more difficult challenges academically and socially at the start of the new school year.

Kids Need Consistency 📅

Maintaining consistency in schedules is essential for kids. It helps them establish routines and a sense of structure in their lives. By keeping your child enrolled in karate over the summer, you can ensure that they have a consistent schedule that is familiar, exciting, safe and beneficial to them.

When a child takes a break from karate, it can disrupt their established routines, making it harder for them to get back into the swing of things once they return to class. Just as adults don’t take time off from their own fitness routines and career goals in the summer, it’s important that we teach our children that goal setting, healthy habits, and hard work are a year-round practice, not just an in-season practice from September to June.

If parents have any questions, our team of instructors are here to help! Feel free to send your child’s favorite instructor an email or give us a call if your child needs any encouragement or is considering taking a break this summer. One quick conversation can make all the difference!

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to a fun, safe and amazing summer together at Borges Martial Arts!


Sensei Katie, Sensei Mike, Senpai Nathan, Coach Megan & Coach Alex

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